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Transcend UW is a student organization that aims to provide invaluable resources and opportunities to students on campus who are interested in creating their own ventures. If you have an idea that you want to partner on and help us reach our goal, fill out the mentor form below:


Our utility comes from the vast network of alumni and professionals from the Madison area and beyond which we tap regularly for inspiring talks and informative workshops that our members can utilize to expand their knowledge beyond their curriculum and hopefully apply it towards innovation. Our impact goes beyond the resources we provide and the knowledge we impart to our members. To increase the impact, join us by adding your value to Transcend.

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Testimonials from our Mentors

Dan O.

Dan Olszewski, UW Professor

“The Transcend competition is a great compliment to the entrepreneurial lessons students are learning in the classroom.  It allows students to put the concepts to use immediately and create an innovative product.  The experience results in the student teams dramatically expanding their entrepreneurial mindset which will only benefit them in their future careers.”

Transcend Mentor

John S.

The Transcend Competition is a fantastic opportunity for UW-Madison students! They can develop diverse ideas, work on them with guidance and support during the year, and compete for generous prizes. They also improve their skills, gain confidence, and connect with mentors and judges from industry. It’s well run and well worth doing for students at any stage of their entrepreneurial journey!


My very best wishes,


Transcend Mentor
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