Transcend UW is a student org dedicated to driving student innovation, in any major. We act as a student project hub on campus - providing resources and mentorship for the doers on campus that are creating inventions, apps, startups, and more.

The executive team meets on Mondays at 7:00 pm in 333 East Campus Mall.

(Room 3118 in the Student Activity Center)

Please feel free to drop on by if you're interested in joining the team or just want to chat!

If innovative ideas keep you up at night, Transcend is the club for you.

Angie Farris


Majors: Marketing and Management

Hobby: Pole dancing

Favorite part about Transcend: "The team dynamic. Everyone involved in this club is so high-spirited and fun to be around/work with"

Addison Latterell


Major: Industrial Engineering

Hobby: Running

Favorite part about Transcend: "Being able to work closely with people in the entrepreneurial space"

Paul Pak 

Majors: Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Economics

Hobby: Logic games

Favorite part about Transcend: Being able to connect with all kinds of people across the city. It's inspiring

Abhi Manohar

Majors: Computer Science, Data Science, Economics

Hobby: Traveling

Favorite part about Transcend: Being able to connect with the aspiring entrepreneurs on campus

Annika Olsen


Majors: Marketing and International Business

Hobby: Baking

Favorite part about Transcend: How Transcend attracts all different kids of people who are interested in exploring new ideas!

Jeff Meyers 

Major: Consumer Behavior & Marketplace Studies, Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Hobby: Graphic Design

Favorite part about Transcend: "Meeting like-minded student entrepreneurs and helping them develop and pitch their ideas"

Shreyans Saraogi


Majors: Computer Science and Economics

Hobby: Biking

Favorite part about Transcend: "The welcoming nature and passion towards innovation"

Abby Krause


Major: Mechanical Engineering, Certificate in Computer Science

Hobby: Watching the Badgers play football

Favorite part about Transcend: "Helping young entrepreneurs get their bright ideas off the ground"

Isha Rustagi


Major: Computer Science

Hobby: Drawing

Favorite part about Transcend: "It’s exciting to be surrounded by directed and innovative students in a bustling city full of possibilities"

Praveen Sundaram


Major: Computer Science, Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Hobby: Playing tennis

Favorite part about Transcend: "Seeing novel, innovative ideas everyday, and getting to work with the incredible team!"

Mrugank Pednekar


Majors: Computer Engineering and Data Science

Hobby: Robotics

Favorite part about Transcend: "An opportunity to join a closely-knit community on campus and to get to learn more about entrepreneurship"

Marina Tschida


Major: Chemical Engineering

Hobby: Playing violin

Favorite part about Transcend: "The team camaraderie is awesome. Everyone is excited to help entrepreneurs reach their goals!"