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Transcend Update: 3/23/2020

Dear Dedicated Transcend Competitors,


        It is with a heavy heart and deep regret that we must inform you that this year’s Transcend Madison Innovation Competition is now cancelled. 


        The decision did not come easy, but with the additional measures taken from the university to protect UW Students, and the CDC recommending group gatherings of less than 10 for the next 8 weeks, we cannot host the Transcend Madison Innovation Competition that all of you have been working tirelessly towards. 


        The Transcend team spent the past week meeting virtually to determine if there was a feasible way to move forward with the competition. Unfortunately due to the unprecedented circumstances that COVID-19 has presented and the concern for our community’s health and safety, we are unable to host a competition that we feel the competitors and the Madison community deserve.  We are devastated to have to deliver this message after we’ve seen some of your ideas grow from scribbles on a napkin to viable and successful businesses making differences in the world, and we are truly sorry. 


        We want to thank you all for your dedication and passionate pursuit of innovation with us thus far. Although we cannot give you the competition you’ve been building up to this year, this presents us all with a new opportunity to innovate, adapt, and ultimately come out more successful as entrepreneurs and better people. 


        Even though we cannot meet in person for the remainder of the semester, we all still exist in this wonderful entrepreneurial ecosystem. So, as you continue to traverse these uncertain times, feel free to reach out to us to help continue to grow and build your innovations. We will always try our best to help our fellow entrepreneurs continue to innovate and pursue their passions. If you have any additional questions, please reach out!


We wish you the best of luck going forward and keep on transcending,

        Adam, Navid, Stephanie and the entire Transcend UW Team

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