Innovation Competition

Transcend Madison Competition on April 11th and 12th at the Discovery Building!

Please read the rules below.

Transcend Madison, created by Transcend UW, is the campus's first-ever student-led innovation competition. Last year, at the 3rd annual competition, we gave away over $55,000 worth of prizes. This event was made with one goal in mind: to bring students all across UW Madison together to demonstrate their novel ideas and creations. 

This is a competition for the doers. We judge heavily on execution: taking the necessary steps to turn your idea from nothing into reality. 

Main Stage Competition: Competitors of this track have highly developed ideas that can demonstrate strong growth of their project. This track offered $50,000 worth of prizes last year that not only consisted of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, but prizes such as Best Pitch and Transcend Alumni Award. A select group of teams will be called back to meet with the judging panel and finalize the prize decisions.

Schedule of Main Stage Competition

Early Stage Competition: This track is best suited for teams that are early in their project development. Teams will still be expected to execute on all of the same elements as the main stage competitors, but the projects themselves may be less developed The Early Stage Competition last year had a prize pool of $5,000. It will be judged independently of the main competition. 

Schedule of Early Stage Competition


Eligibility & Competition Regulations

All competitors are required to abide by the following rules.

(Updated 4/10/2019)

Any violation of eligibility and/or competition regulations may result in immediate disqualification.

Please contact with any questions or concerns 

Team & Project Eligibility:

  1. All team members must be degree-seeking University of Wisconsin-Madison students enrolled in
    the Spring 2019 term. Alumni who graduated from UW-Madison in December 2018 are still eligible to

  2. Teams are allowed up to 5 eligible members.

  3. Individuals are only eligible to participate in 1 team at competition

  4. Projects are ineligible if they fit any of the following categories:

    1. Are a part of a course

    2. Are part of a paid or graded research experience

    3. Are part of a thesis project

    4. Are the primary intellectual property of other individuals or groups that are not eligible to
      participate in the competition (ex. work done for an internship, family business etc.)

Registration Deadlines:

Keep in mind, registrations 1 and 2 do not guarantee your team will compete in the 2019 competition. Failure to meet deadlines 3, or 4 will result in disqualification of your team.

  1. Priority Application Deadline: December 13, 2018 @ 11:59 PM CST

    1. Early application for teams that are confident in their participation interests

  2. Initial Application Deadline: February 01, 2019 @ 11:59 PM CST

    1. All teams must apply by this date. Only 1 registration required per team.

  3. Final Team Change Deadline: March 15, 2019 @ 11:59 PM CST

    1. All teams must finalize their competition track request and submit final team rosters

  4. Competition Submission: March 22, 2019 @ 5:00 PM CST

    1. All team must submit their final materials for competition. No changes will be allowed after
      this date.

Mandatory Event Attendance:

In order for a team to maintain eligibility for the competition, the team must attend all 3 following events which will be hosted in the Spring. 

  1. Business Brief Workshops (attend either date)

  2. Intellectual Property Seminar (attend either date)

  3. Project Review Session OR Pitch Coaching


Each team is required to check-in at the events to receive credit for the team. All teams are required to
stay for the duration of the scheduled event or session. Failure to stay may result in an invalidated event
attendance record.​


Competition Tracks:

  • Main Stage- this track is best-suited for teams that are further along in their project

development. Team participating in this track should be able to address all elements required
for participation and have significant traction for the project. Many past participants have been
“market-ready” or have done market-research.

  • Early Stage- this track is best-suited for teams that are early in their project development. While

each team is required to execute on all of the same elements as the main stage competitors, the
project itself may be less developed.

Day 1:

Team Pitches: all teams participating in either track will pitch to a panel of judges. Timeslot will be

selected after the March 22nd deadline. All team members must be present during the scheduled team
pitch timeslot.

Team Poster & Prototype Session: All teams participating in either track will be required to create and
display a project poster. If the project has a prototype, this may be used/displayed at this time. At least 1
member of the team must be present for the duration of the session. (This is the only time during the 2 days of competition you will be allowed to have your prototype)

Main stage: In the first round, every team will present to the panel of judges. The judges will then
deliberate and select teams for call backs. This is a chance for selected teams to refine their pitch and
answer any remaining questions the judges may have before judges make their final decisions.


Day 2:
Call Back Round: Main stage teams that are selected for the call-back round will present at selected
times to the judges. The call-back round presentations will focus on providing the judges with additional
details and insights of the project. Judges may have provided points of emphasis for teams in feedback
after Day 1.

Awards Ceremony: All teams participating in either track are required to attend the awards ceremony.
Winners of all of the competition prizes will be awarded during the ceremony. All teams must have at
least 1 member in attendance in order to be awarded a prize.

Competition Details (subject to change)

Dates: April 11th and 12th , 2019

Location: Discovery Building (330 N. Orchard St.)

Grand Prize $15,000-Drip
Grand Prize $15,000-Drip

Drip is a mobile ordering & rewards platform built for local coffee shops to offer their customers the same conveniences as bigger chains such as Starbucks.

Second Prize $8,000-All Brick Med.
Second Prize $8,000-All Brick Med.

All Brick Medical is a medical device company. Our flagship product, The ErgoSyringe adaptor, provides an ergonomic solution for performing syringe procedures in the healthcare industry.

Third Prize $8,000-TripAlly
Third Prize $8,000-TripAlly

TripAlly is a smart travel assistant that knows the ins and outs of travel programs, rules, and credit cards, helping users to make informed decisions throughout the travel process.

Fan Favorite-Bikenamic
Fan Favorite-Bikenamic

A charging unit for a bicycle that'll work when you are riding your bike. Power will be supplied through the wire to your smartphone and bike lights based on when you are riding the bike.

Best Prototype (Main)- QueueShare
Best Prototype (Main)- QueueShare

QueueShare is a website where users collaboratively create playlists of music or video.

Best Poster (Main)- Planet Pong
Best Poster (Main)- Planet Pong

Planet Pong is a portable cup pong arcade game that utilizes bluetooth technology paired with our Planet Pong app and can be played individually or in a social setting.

Best Bus. Brief (Main)- Fashion Cam
Best Bus. Brief (Main)- Fashion Cam

FashionCam's technology aims to increase customer comfort in online shopping by allowing users to try on clothes virtually in different backgrounds in the comfort of their own homes.

Best Pitch (Main) -Woav
Best Pitch (Main) -Woav

Woav is the mobile platform that enables users to discover, shop and manage the leading direct-to-consumer apparel brands - all on one app.

Best Bus. Brief (E)- The StoryTeller
Best Bus. Brief (E)- The StoryTeller

The Storyteller is a mobile app that brings education and entertainment together. The app customizes the museum experience to fit each visitor's interest most notably school field trips.

Social Entrepreneurship (Early)- I A
Social Entrepreneurship (Early)- I A

Giving college students of all identities a voice through art and opening opportunities to ease tensions within and between communities

Best Prototype (Early) -OrthoSpoon
Best Prototype (Early) -OrthoSpoon

Intraoperative knee joint compression modulator for ligament balance in total knee arthroplasty

Best Pitch (Early) -Flex Cards
Best Pitch (Early) -Flex Cards

FlexCards is a software tool that enables students to study complex, multi-faceted information faster and more effectively than traditional flashcards (paper or digital).

Best Poster (Early)- Cloggle
Best Poster (Early)- Cloggle

An AI-powered Adjustable Visual Search Engine for online apparel retailers that improves user experience and search relevancy with label-enhanced image query.